It`s often thought that artificial pitches are maintenance free, all you need to do is brush the surface every now and then ...............Not so.

Artificial pitches suffer from the same problems as those in natural turf, such as compaction and poor drainage.
Surfaces can suffer from build-up of windblown as well as walked in dirt and debris, in addition to the breakdown of carpet fibres causing a build-up of debris within the pile, unlike natural turf with its own microbial system that cleans its self, a regular mechanical cleaning program is essential in maintaining the playability and the life span of the playing surface.

We at Whitehall have the solution and it's new, the Verti-art range of machinery manufactured as a result of several years of research and development by Redmix Charterhouse, leaders in natural and synthetic Turf machinery of which were are the Distributors for in the Midlands

Verti top vac

The infill on synthetic pitches must be kept level for consistent playing surface and free from litter and leaves to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria as well as harmful materials such as glass and splinters , also loose fibres and dust created from wear and weathering might become airborne and they can be inhaled or swallowed the erti top vac removes all these problems if it`s done on at regular intervals in addition to being agents we also offer a full contract cleaning service and adviser service for a free no obligation demonstration of further information please don't hesitate in calling me direct on 07770 362512 / 02476396799 or e-mail me at whiteha.white@btconnect .com

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