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Cleaning Contracts to Artificial Pitches


Verti Top Surface
Which removes all debris like glass, wind blown objects, dirt from boots and any other objects which work there way into the surface which can damage the pile or course injury. Also this operation will keep the pile upright helping prolong the carpet life.

Verti Groom
Verti groom levels the infill all over the surface help the compaction and drainage this operation is done after we have used the verti top.

Safety Maintenance
Additional works per visit we check all fencing to pitch perimeter as the fixings may come loose after continual ball hammer also all gates and hinges.
Weed spray perimeter fencing were required to remove the grass from rooting into infill.
Supply a report every quarter on the surface and any other area which may need attention to the client.

Additional maintenance
In addition we offer a surface moss spray to remove all areas which are suffering weed problems this will be at an additional cost to the contract price.

Verti Air
We recommend once a year you do a deep clean which will remove all the infill rubber/sand, this machine sieves all the material and places it back on the surface removing any debris, also removing any deep compact which help with drainage and gives a better playing surface.

Once a year deep clean also if done on the above contract. For more information call Ian

01455 212942 / 07770 362512.

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