Case Studies

Synthetic pitches have become highly popular with manager of schools and municipal sports facilities for the hard wearing, low maintenance playing surface they offer. But such pitches also represent a serious investment and do need looking after if they have a long life and retain playability.

Concerns also have been raised recently over possible health and hygiene risks from contaminates trapped in the infill of synthetic pitches.

We at Whitehall Synthetic Turf Maintenance have a wide range of equipment to maintain all types of synthetic surface and work closely with charterhouse turf machinery in analysing the materials removed from synthetic surfaces.

For facilities with synthetic pitches indoor or outdoor maintaining the sand and rubber crumb infill is essential part of ground care, both to provide continued playability and ensure maximum life for the synthetic surface.

Compacted surfaces will result in increase wear and difficult playing conditions.

Groundsman has identified the need to lift the infill material after a period of time to remove compaction and rejuvenate the playing surface and keep the pile in good condition.


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